Many USC faculty members are part of the Healthy Minds group. Learn more about them and what their projects focus on:

  • Carolina Abdala: Changes in the ear and hearing with aging.
  • Joan Broderick: Understanding what aspects of life are most important to people.
  • Eileen Crimmins: Investigating why some people live long healthy lives and others live shorter and/or unhealthier lives.
  • Antonio Damasio and Hanna Damasio: The normal structure of the human brain; brain function during the experience of emotion, musical performance and decision making.
  • Gerald Davison: Positive emotions like happiness and life satisfaction in older adults.
  • Margaret Gatz: Risk and protective factors for cognition and dementia. We are interested in meeting anyone who is a twin.
  • James Finley: Age-related changes in walking function.
  • Laurent Itti: Age differences in eye gaze patterns.
  • Valter Longo: How diet affects cognition.
  • Mara Mather: Age differences in decision making and emotional memory.
  • Margaret McLaughlin: Using computer games to enhance older adults' cognitive functioning.
  • Daniella Meeker: Patient-focused precision medicine.
  • Daniel Nation: Cardiovascular contributions to brain aging and cognition.
  • Judy Pa: Effects of lifestyle activities on the brain.
  • Lila Rabinovich: Health problems and their effect on employment.
  • David Walsh: Age differences in decision making and beliefs.
  • Carolee Winstein: Rehabilitation and recovery from stroke.
  • Elizabeth Zelinski: Cognition, memory and language comprehension in older adults.